Sunday, 28 June 2015

"All the flowers, would have very extra special powers"

So yesterday I went on a little adventure to the Powerscourt Gardens and to Glendalough. I'd never been to the gardens and they are so pretty. I've always loved flowers from a young age so I was in heaven. Feeling like Alice in wonderland floating through all these pretty gardens.

Here's what I wore I wanted to be a bit dressy so that I could take some pictures but had to be smart with my footwear choice as I knew I would be walking for quite a bit.




Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket- Penneys/Primark €25
Top- Topshop €16
Culottes- Penneys/Primark €24
Adidas holographic superstars- I think aroubd €66 not 100% though.
Backpack- Penneys/Primark €10.

So as you are probably starting to see I am in love with culottes the past while. They are perfect for any occasion and can be styled from day to night so easily. Perfect for the fashionable explorer like myself. The one thing can turn me off going on a hike can be the whole idea of wearing practical clothing as they call it. I believe once you wear practical footwear you can still pull off a nice look and culottes are perfect for this as they're not restricting at all and you get a nice breeze you them lol.

I went with my holographic Adidas for this look because they are comfortable enough for long walks but still nice enough to go with this outfit.

I am loving the whole lace up tops thing that is in at the minute. I fell in love with this little vest one from Topshop which also comes in black to and for €16 its a must have staple really. I'm hoping they get more sizes in in the black so i can get that to.

The beautiful little waterfall in The Japanese gardens was one of my favourite things. The Japanese gardens where definitely my favourite ones kind of knew they would be because of my love for Asia. Such a nice place to go spend the day walking around looking at all the lovely flowers.

Glendalough is another lovely place to visit if you haven't already. It's got two lakes and some really cool old buildings and cemeteries. 

 Here's me in front of one of the lakes having a blogger fail with the wind blowing my hair all over the place lol. had such a great day though and recommend you to go to both places.

So let me know what you think of these kind of ootd posts. Also comment on anything you would like to see me blog on or style below. If you haven't already check out my new header I done it today quite proud of how it turned out what do you think?

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Have a great Sunday 

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