Friday, 19 June 2015

Gangstas Paradise

So I had a day off yesterday and decided to do a quick little outfit post for you guys. My 7 year old niece took my pictures for me again I swear she's so good.

As you will see I was feeling a bit ghettolicious yesterday lol. I'm not digging these pictures at all as I was very bloated and I nearly wasn't going to blog at all but said no you know what why shouldn't I. Everyone has bad days where they feel like poo but it shouldn't stop you from doing what you love or want right?

Outfit Details:
Levi Jacket- Shotsy Vintage
Leotard- Nine Crows
Jeans- New Look
Runners- Schuh
Scrunchie - American Apparel
Earrings- River Island
Backpack - Penneys / Primark

So as usual guys leave any suggestions or what you'd like to see me styling below and go check out my instagram @sophiacahill

Hope your having a lovely weekend guys.


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