Sunday, 16 November 2014

The tshirt dress ootd.

Today was one of those days were I wanted to look nice but be super comfie and what's better for that than an oversized band tee worn as a dress with some fishnets and boots.

I had planned to go the Christmas markets with my friend but we got there looked at the que and decided to go for food instead. We went to yamoori it's a noodle/sushi place it was so nice. I got some sushi to share and noodles. But back to my outfit here it is.

Sorry all pics are indoors and a bit boring but the weather here is so bad lately it's impossible to take ones outside and if it's not raining it's dark outside.

Coat - Primark
Tshirt- Folkster kilo sale
Fishnets - Penneys /  Primark
Hat -Penneys / Primark
Boots - Motive
Choker - Pretty owas drink tea (in 9 crow street)
Lipstick - Revlon Va va violet
Rings - Topshop & Gifted
Braclet - Alex and Ani

What's your go to comfie outfit?


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Monday, 3 November 2014

Folkster Vintage Kilo Sale Haul

So yesterday I went to the folkster kilo sale and what an experience it was I loved every minute of it. It was on in a big warehouse and you went and got a ticket to be in a zone from a to h anyone who didn't get a zone ticket had to que outside and as people left they could go in. I got a zone ticket thankfully. Here's  a couple of pics from the que.

Once the barrier opened there was rails and rails of goodness. I didn't know where to start but it wasn't like there was time to think. I just started to grab anything I taught I'd want . The only way to describe it is if you know the friends episode where Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go wedding dress shopping in the big sale haha I definitely should of brought a whistle because I lost my friend five minutes in. Thankfully found her a bit later then it was off to find a quiet spot to decide what we wanted.

 My pile before I started to make cuts.
The crazy crowds.

And here is everything I got.

Absolutely delighted with everything I got and can't wait for the next kilo sale. The faux fur coat kills me though how perfect is it?

Where you at the kilo sale or have you ever been to one?