Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lavender lovin'

Hey lovelies hope you're all keeping well and enjoying your weekend. Mine is being spent in bed because I am sick as a dog all week. Really feels like a waste of a weekend but I suppose what can you do if your sick. I did go out for dinner with the girls last night though so not a complete waste of a weekend. Also on Friday I went for hot chocolate with my friend Jen and we took some outfit pics for both our blogs.

Sorry if the lighting is a bit off on these pictures it was that time of day where it doesn't know if its bright or dark lol.



Coat - Primark
Sheer shirt - Nine Crows
Knitted Top - Primark
Culottes - Penneys
Backpack - Penneys
Boots - Dr Martens
Pom pom key ring - Primark
Pom pom earrings - Made by me. Available on my depop @sophiac

As you can tell from the pictures it was quite windy so trying to get picture without my shirt up around my head was quite the job lol. I absolutely love this shirt of course because its my favourite colour but also its sheer and vintage so it ticks every box for me. If like me you love a good sheer shirt go and check out nine crows selection seriously its unreal thats where I've gotten all mine from. If you didn't see the rainbow coloured one I got check it out here.

I'm in love with this backpack seriously its so cute and small looks bigger than it is in this picture. I added the lavender pom pom for extra cuteness.

I got this knitted vest top last year in Primark in Liverpool but we have them in penneys now not in this colour but other colours and a bit longer than mine check them out there so nice for dressing up the simplest of outfits rather than just your average tshirt vest top.

Jen will be posting her outfit from this day over on her blog as well so be sure to go check that out here is her link she got hella good style you goin' love it believe me.

As always ladies and gents thanks for reading and any questions pop them below or hit me up on instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday I was going to record a penneys haul for my youtube today but I don't really have a voice at the minute so it will have to be done during the week. Any other videos you would like me to do?


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Current Wishlist

Hello Lovelies hope your all keeping well and having a nice weekend. I'm only starting to feel human again after my wild night out in Liverpool on Saturday with all the girls. I have to say I really can't hack the session anymore gone are my weekends of drinking three and four nights in a row. God I sound so old.

Anyways on with the show today I decided I would do a current wishlist because I haven't done one in quite a while and there is quite a few bits I'm after at the minute but sure whats new says you. I will pop the links under the pictures in case any of you fall in love and need them just like me lol.


Rainbow Crop
This beauty is from UNIF you all know how I love my colours so this top needs to be mine.


Metallic Kickers

Seriously how perfect are these Kicker boots I'm so glad these are doing the rounds again I used to love them when i was younger and still do especially this colour in them.


Tab neck bodysuit

These beaut bodysuits from Missguided come in a few different colours. I love these because they can be worn casual or dressy and also because I'm loving the whole neck tie trend at the minute.

Longline bomber jacket

I'm absolutely loving my black bomber jacket at the minute and feel like I need more colours. I love this pink one so much its from Missguided I couldn't find it on Missguided only ASOS but sure at least I found it lol.


Cutie pie jumper

Don't think I've needed a jumper more in life than this one not only is it fluffy but its pastel colours which means its perfection.

Halo crop


Cord culotte jumpsuit

Zebra pleated jumpsuit

Yes I am loving jumpsuits lately although most of the time I love the look of them more than i do on me I know if I get this tiger print one i will definietly wear a jumper layered over it. I dont know what t is with jumpsuits maybe I'm just to short lol.
Black pleated playsuit


Spray on jeans

I usually go for molly jeans from River Island when I'm getting black jeans but they keep ripping on me so I think I will definitely give these Cheap Monday ones a go I've been hearing good things about them.

So that's my current wishlist as far as I can remember anyways. I'm hoping to pick some of these beauties up over the next few weeks we shall see. What's on your wishlist at the moment?

As always feel free to pop any questions below or over on my instagram click the button over on the left to take you there or my username is @my_wardrobe_adventures.

Have a great week 


Monday, 15 February 2016

Rainbow Bright

Hello lovelies and happy Monday hope your all having a great day and its not to Modayish for you. My Monday was surprisingly as far as Mondays go. Lets hope the rest of the week is the same. I am looking forward to it being Friday though as I'm heading to Liverpool for the weekend. My first trip over of the year but of course not the last seen as I fly over every couple of weeks normally.

On with the show anyways, I went to a talk the other day on the book 'Chinese Fashion'. The talk was with the author of the book Gemma A. Williams. It was a really interesting and insightful talk into some of the up and coming fashion designers of China. I got the book while I was there so I  will let you know what I think of it when I'm done. After the talk my friend Lillie took some outfit pictures for me and here they are.


Fur coat - Nine Crows
Rainbow Sheer shirt - Nine Crows
Crop - New Look
Skirt - Penneys/Primark 
Boots - Penneys/Primark
Pom Pom Earrings - Made by me available on depop (@sophiac)

 I think I picked one of the busiest spots to take my pictures but I love these steps and the building I think its just so pretty. I just dealt with all the funny looks and got on with it, I'm laughing in some of them because the amount of people that walked in front of the camera was crazy.

How amazing is this sheer shirt seriously it was instant love when I seen it. So colourful and pretty. This is a piece that will work all year round layered up like I have it here or over a bikini in summer or tied up and paired with a pair of high waist Levis. I will definitely get my wear of it. I loved my big rainbow pom pom earrings paired with it, it made it so fun I taught. I can make these pom poms in any colour and different sizes. Check out my depop where I am selling these and some of my clothes to my username is sophiac.

After these photos I grabbed a coffee and headed home to record my January/February favourites video which you can check out here;

 As I said I grabbed a coffee on my way home so excuse my hyperness in this video lol.

Thank you for reading and as always any questions pop them below or hit me up on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures you can click the instagram button over on the left to go straight there and save your little fingers from typing. Also let me know what you think of my videos. Have a good week all.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Windswept puma

Hello lovelies,

Happy Sunday hope your all having a cosy one with that horrible weather out there. I headed over to the IMMA museum today to see the 'What we call love' exhibition. I've been dying to get over and see it mainly for the Salvador Dali piece and Picasso of course. While there I decided to get some OOTD pics.

I got a good few pictures of the exhibition on snapchat if you want to go check them out my snapchat is sophiacahill I will of course pop one or two pictures from it below.

Excuse my windswept hair in these photos there seems to be yet anther storm brewing. I was lucky to get these pictures before the rain started.


Flight Jacket - Nine Crows
Slayer Tshirt - Folkster Kilo sale
Jeans - River Island (Molly)
Pumas - Ebay
Backpack - Penneys
Rings - Topshop & Gifted.

I know your all probably sick of the sight of this bomber jacket but I still can't get enough of it and would definitely recommend getting one.  Nine Crows always have fab ones but they do fly out so keep an eye on there instagram to know when to whip one up. Its so versatile and cozy AF.

 My babies no words can describe how happy I am to have these beauties in my life I am definitely going to invest in a black pair as well.

This is the piece I was most excited to see Dali's 'Couple with their heads in the clouds'. Its just so pretty. As I said above there is more on my snapchat (sophiacahill) from the exhibition and I will be putting some on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures just click on the insta button over on the right to be brought there directly.

As always thank you for reading and any questions pop them down below and I shall get back to you. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.