Monday, 27 October 2014

Liverpool Haul

So here it is my Liverpool haul I didn't go to mad shopping so I'm quite proud of myself
I had a great weekend though it was much needed.

I should really be calling this a Primark haul because nearly everything is from there. I always find the Primark in Liverpool so much better than penneys here. I work in penneys and notice we don't get half the stock they do.

 Glitzy top £8 love this it caught my eye and made me think of mermaids so I had to have it.
 Fishnet 2pk £3 and socks £1. Never enough fishnets especially wen I put my finger through them majority of the time.
 Backpack £8 fell in love straight away. I'm a big fan of monochrome and I love the front zip opening on this.
 Jumper £5. Nothing like a baggy oversized jumper for a chill out day and I love this color blue.
 Coat £25. This really isn't the best picture of this coat but I will be doing an ootd featuring it this week so I will get better pictures. I'm in love with it though. I was so happy to find it in black as it doesn't come in black in our penneys.
Metallica tshirt £15 and bicycle shorts £5. These will be perfect I'm Thailand so glad I found the shorts as I was finding it hard to over here and for a fiver you couldn't go wrong.

So everything is from Primark apart from the Metallica tshirt and bicycle shorts which I got in urban outfitters both on sale.
I got some Christmas presents started over there to but I can't post them of course.

Have you bought anything nice lately?


Monday, 20 October 2014


So here we are with a haul sorry I haven't posted in a while guys I've been up to my eyes and dying with a cold. But I'm on my weeks holiday from work so I'm going to get back into the swing of things and start posting regularly again. If you have any ideas or something you'd like to see on the blog feel free to comment below.

 We are Cow vintage
9 Crow Street  
 9 Crow Street 
 9 Crow Street 
Penneys (Primark) / Lush
Penneys  (Primark )

So as you can see my saving and not shopping is going well for me. In fact it's going so well that I'm off to Liverpool this week for a shopping trip. So expect another haul in the near future. 

For everyday pictures and ootd posts you should check out my Instagram there's a link on the right.  

Have you bought anything lovely lately? I'm absolutely in love with my vintage leather jacket I've wanted one for so long and this one is perfection.