Sunday, 31 January 2016

Thigh high leopard

Hello lovelies hope you're all enjoying your Sunday and chilling like Sundays where intended for. I'm currently chilling listening to Rihannas new album anti, so far so good I'm loving the song work have you heard it yet? If not I recommend it.

Anyways on with the show today I  have another OOTD for you. Again this look could work for day or night. Well day time once your ok with a few strange looks from people because of the boots witch I am. As I always say if you like something wear it don't worry about what other people think its not like your asking them to wear it so really its nothing to do with them. I'll get on with the outfit and keep all that for another post lol. 

Again with animal print I know but I just can't help it these days. If you didn't see my last animal print OOTD you can do so by clicking here.


Leopard top - Topshop
Skirt - Penneys / Primark
Boots - Penneys / Primark
Coat - Penneys / Primark
Rings - Topshop & Gifts.

As you can see my funky greeny hair is all gone now and I'm so torn on what to get done next I feel like my ombre is tres boring now so I doubt it will be around much longer. Any funky suggestions leave them below.

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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Color popping

Hello lovelies and happy Thursday. So glad its nearly Friday not that I have anything amazing planned but just being off work for 2 days is enough to make me excited. Hope you all have the weekend off to I know what its like when you don't.

I don't know about you but all black outfits make me feel so comfartable especially for those bloated days. But of course being me I still like to have a bright color mixed in so I added these yellow docs to brighten the gothic look up a bit.


Choker - Ebay
Sheer shirt cardi - Nine Crows
Tshirt dress - Forever 21
DrMartens - China Blue
Coat - Penneys / Primark

This sheer shirt cardi is going to get a lot of wear so easy to put it over anything and could also be worn casual as I have it here or for a night out over a skirt and crop or something.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you as always for reading feel free to subscribe for latest post updates. As always any questions pop them down below and I will get back to you.


Monday, 25 January 2016

Monochrome Zebra

Hello lovelies and happy Monday hope its been a nice one if not at least its the last Monday of January YAAAYY. January has to be the worst month for everyone well unless your on holidays then its a different story altogether. I have even found it hard to be getting outfit pictures as I'm not doing anything exciting this month.

Fear not though I took a trip to my friend Kayleighs yesterday and got her to take some pictures for me. This outfit is a lot more casual and something I would wear day to day running about doing errands or meeting up for coffee.

Don't ask me why but I am completely obsessed with all things animal print at the minute. So when I saw this top there was no question about buying it.


Flight Jacket - Nine Crows
Zebra top - Topshop
Jeans - River Island (Molly Jegging)
Superstars - Blue Rinse Leeds.

So there we have it my cosy Sunday outfit. You could definitely dress this top up for a night out which I'm sure I will be doing and when I do so I will pop it up on my instagram which is @my_wardrobe_adventures or click on the instagram button over on the right.

As always let me know what you think of this look or if you have any questions pop them down below. Thanks for reading and if you haven't checked out my latest youtube video on what I got for Christmas you can do so by clicking here.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Office Chic - OOTD

Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all having a fab weekend whatever you're all up to. I'm loving mine particularly because its a three day weekend for me which is rare. I also tried a Thai restaurant me and my best friend Kayleigh have been saying we would try for the past year lol. Its called NEON and its up on Camden Street, I would definitely recommend it if your into Thai food. I also took my two nieces to the pantomime which is a little tradition we have every year. We went to see Jack and the Beanstalk I have to say it was brilliant as always.

Ok Sophia get on with what the people came to see . . . My outfit. I shot this look the same day as the last OOTD but not in the same location. As I explained in the last post light really wasn't on my side but I still decided to shoot some looks.


Blazer - Topshop
Poloneck - Penneys / Primark
Culottes - Penneys / Primark
Bag - Penneys / Primark
Boots - Zara

You will have seen this blazer in my latest haul post if not check it out to see what I picked up in the sales. I have to say the blazer is one of my favorite sale buys. If I worked in an office this look would definitely be one I'd wear or even for an interview.

As always any questions pop them down below and I shall get back to you. I'm going to get working on getting my next youtube video up today or Monday fingers crossed I'll post on Instagram when its up so go follow me on there to see @my_wardrobe_adventures

I f there is anything in particular you would like to see me talk about or style pop your suggestions below or on my instagram.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Night time creepin and peepin -OOTD

Hello lovelies

Hope your Monday ain't treating you to badly and if its not sure its nearly over and I'm sure tomorrow will be then times better. Yesterday I was in the mood for getting some nice blog pictures unfortunately daylight didn't feel much like waiting around on me while I got ready. I decided not to let that stop me and set off to Howth with the camera and my nifty camera man.

I'm absolutely in love with this new flight jacket I got in Nine Crows its featured in my recent Haul post check it out if you have't already. It goes with so much and is super warm and believe me I was so grateful last night for its warmth standing by that water.


Beanie Hat - Topshop
Flight Jacket- Nine Crows
Harley T-shirt - Nine Crows
Leggings - Topshop
Adidas Superstars - Blue Rinse

I'm not sure which side of this jacket I love more if I'm honest. The orange is so dreamy and different for when your feeling a bit more colorful I suppose.

How weird does this picture look haha and look at the UFO looking thing over to the left. Ok its probably not a UFO but I'm just gonna go with that. Yes I need to lay off the UFO documentaries noted lol.

Ok so any questions pop them down below and I shall get back to you. For daily updates and stuff follow my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures or click on the instagram button on the right. Also let me know what you think of the night time pictures. I think they turned out nicely.

Lets hope this week flies by and we can weekend again lol have a good one,


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Haul Featuring Sale buys

Hello Lovelies,

Happy new year to you all hope your all keeping well. So today I decided I'd do a haul off all the bits I've picked up over the last few weeks and the sale bits I got. Even though I said I wasn't going to be shopping the sales of course I've still ended up picking up stuff. Ok so I'll get started with the favorite,


You will of seen this beauty in my latest Gift-swapping-ootd post if not go check out that look. I seriously love this coat so much its ridiculous literally makes me smile just looking at it. Its a lot pinker in real life though the camera just doesn't seem to pick it up.

I wore this beaut sequence top Christmas day with some grey trousers. Christmas day always calls for sequence in my eyes lol. And its black so it disguised the food baby after dinner quite well just what every Christmas day outfit requires.

I have wanted a flight jacket so much the past year and just never seemed to find the right one. So when i tried this baby on I was delighted to have found the one and there was 30% off so i bagged it for like €31. You will definetly be seeing this in some outfit posts coming up.


Absolutely love this vintage jumpsuit so comfy and nice on could be worn day or night so I'm looking forward to styling it. I'm going to pop a closer picture of the details on it below so you can see its true beauty the one above is a bit on the dark side apologies. The dress was I think €13 and the jumpsuit was the €14.


I was so happy I didn't pay full price for this skirt when I saw it for €12 absolute bargain. And dont even get me started on these dream trousers for €18 (love heart eyes emoji). I was desperate for the pink two piece from either Topshop or River Island and I just never got to get it it was always sold out in my size in either the trousers or blazer. So I whipped these up.


The reason I whipped up the trousers in river island was because I found this baby in my size in Topshop sale for €25 I'm so happy now I have them. I know they look completely different pinks in these pictures but in person they're really not to far off each other.


This picture isn't doing this pinafote dress any justice at all. You can see it on it the last Gift-swapping-ootd. post i did for a better idea of what its like on.

These two furry babies where reduced to €5 each again absolutely delighted that I held off on buying them full price. I love when it happens because its rare I'm usually the person that buys something and then it gets reduced a week later before I have even worn it.

I did have a pair of these kind of boots last year but the heel was just never right so when I seen these in work for €28 I just had to grab them. Every girl needs a hookah boot in her life.


This is one of my favorite make up purchase in a while I have to say. I love all the shades are fab for all skin tones. Its helping me get slowly but surely better at all this highlighting and contouring malarkey.

This little bugger was the hardest to try and take a picture of. This was the best of a bad bunch. Anyways its the Benefit they're real push up eyeliner and I'm absolutely in love with it. If like me you are shite at winged eyeliner run to your local boots and buy this baby now seriously its great.

So of course M.A.C brought out their new collection of retro matte liquid lipcolors this week and well being the brat I am I went in you know just to have a look HA as if that ever happens I left with High drama and Mademoiselle both beautiful colors these come in at €28 each.

So that's all my buys of late I'm delighted with the bargains I got thers is the another bargain I really wanted to share with you but of course I forgot it in work last night. Its the best bargain ever I bought a brown fur coat in Penneys that was €45 marked down to €3 as it was the last one it made my week.I will pop a picture of it up on instagram monday after work so dont forget to check it out @my_wardrobe_adventures 

Have you gotten any bargains lately that your in love with? Post any questions down below and I will be sure to get back to you. Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your doing for it. I think I'll just be chilling and working on my blog design possibly.