Friday, 9 September 2016

Wishlist - September Edition.

Hello lovelies, hope you're all keeping well and having a great day. I was working today but had a nice chill day yesterday. We all know chill days mean one thing spending half your day on your phone window shopping and lusting, so what better to do than a current wishlist. I will leave the links under the pictures in case you fancy treating yo'self which I would 100% encourage lol.



Silver boots



I shall leave it there for today. There is so much I'm lusting after at the moment, mainly boots and coats as you can see. I am just dying for winter at this stage this in betweeny weather is annoying. Sooner the better I'm wrapped up in a pretty coat and boots. 

As always lovelies feel free to ask any questions below or over on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures. Have a great weekend.