Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Here it is my latest haul I know I said it would be a birthday haul but I've gathered more stuff since and most people gave me money for my birthday.

Forever 21 : 
 Sandal €26
Dress £14.99 
Crop vest €2

How cure are the sandals they remind me of the ones in zara in fact I planned on getting then but saw these for more than half the price and taught wahey sorted. The tshirt dress is a comfy essential I've needed a black tshirt dress for a bit now for those days I can't be arsed matched with  fishnets docs and a leather jacket maybe a red lip and u are sorted in my world anyways. 
Penneys / Primark :

Crop vest £5
Knitted vest £5
Knitted vest £5
Rugrat pj's  £8
Bikini £6
 Black culottes €23
 Floral culottes  €1
Floral culottes € 1. 

I know I know the Rugrat pj's are the best thing since sliced bread the minute I seen them I done a little happy dance got some strange looks in Primark but heyyy I loved the rugrats growing up. The knitted  vest I first bought the lime one went to Newcastle and they had my favourite colour lilac so I taught you can never have to many knitted crops right? The bikini was bought as a promise to myself that I will go away this summer and also because I have a slight obsession with bikinis. Culottes are so comfortable so why not have 3 pairs especially when you get 2 pairs for 2 euro.

Nine Crows :

Crochet cardigan €28

The perfect cardigan for summer and again in my favourite colour. I love crochet for festivals and summer time.


Finally got my hands on one of the bold metals real techniques brushes I went with the 201 pointed crease and I love it so much definitely recommend it was about €16.99 I think. 


Chokers €2.50 and €3.50.

Love these chokers and such a bargain to only thing is waiting a good few weeks for them because they come from China but worth the wait. If you want the link just comment below and I will find it for you again.

So that's most of what I've picked up recently I haven't been buying as much because I was away in Newcastle with the girls the weekend just gone so I've been saving for that.

Have you picked up any bargains lately ? Any posts in particular you'd like to see me do just leave it below.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

My birthday and it's outfits

So Saturday was my birthday I turned 25 I know I'm getting so old noooo haha. To celebrate I went to Liverpool my second home as most of you know. I flew over Friday just for a chill weekend had some drinks, camped went to a burger place in town called almost famous and seriously if your going to Liverpool or live there get on it pronto.

Here are some outfit pics they're all really casual as I only went shopping on my last day over there.

Outfit 1.
Duster Coat- Penneys / Primark 
Nirvana tshirt- Gift
Jeans - River Island 
Adidas - Schuh.

Outfit 2.
Leather jacket - Penneys / Primark 
Tshirt - River Island 
Culottes - Penneys / Primark 
Boots - Asos Marketplace 

Outfit 3.
Leather jacket - Penneys / Primark 
Top - River Island 
Culottes - Penneys / Primark 
Adidas - Schuh 

Outfit 4.
Leather jacket - Penneys / Primark 
Top - River Island 
Skirt- Penneys / Primark 
Boots - Asos Marketplace 
Fishnets- Penneys / Primark.

The cute camping and bbq I arrived to,

And the fab food from almost famous

 I had the best weekend eating drinking and being merry felt like a right princess lol.

I'll do a haul and put the stuff I got on my trip and as gifts in it for my next post.

Did you lovelies do anything nice for your weekend?