Monday, 27 October 2014

Liverpool Haul

So here it is my Liverpool haul I didn't go to mad shopping so I'm quite proud of myself
I had a great weekend though it was much needed.

I should really be calling this a Primark haul because nearly everything is from there. I always find the Primark in Liverpool so much better than penneys here. I work in penneys and notice we don't get half the stock they do.

 Glitzy top £8 love this it caught my eye and made me think of mermaids so I had to have it.
 Fishnet 2pk £3 and socks £1. Never enough fishnets especially wen I put my finger through them majority of the time.
 Backpack £8 fell in love straight away. I'm a big fan of monochrome and I love the front zip opening on this.
 Jumper £5. Nothing like a baggy oversized jumper for a chill out day and I love this color blue.
 Coat £25. This really isn't the best picture of this coat but I will be doing an ootd featuring it this week so I will get better pictures. I'm in love with it though. I was so happy to find it in black as it doesn't come in black in our penneys.
Metallica tshirt £15 and bicycle shorts £5. These will be perfect I'm Thailand so glad I found the shorts as I was finding it hard to over here and for a fiver you couldn't go wrong.

So everything is from Primark apart from the Metallica tshirt and bicycle shorts which I got in urban outfitters both on sale.
I got some Christmas presents started over there to but I can't post them of course.

Have you bought anything nice lately?


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