Saturday, 22 July 2017

Oriental Twist - OOTD

Hello lovelies and happy Saturday! So glad its the weekend, I have it off work and its sunny what more could you want really. I've got a little outfit post for you today this is from my day off on Thursday. I spent the day just running errands and recording a video so the outfit is super casual with an added touch of sass.

I've had this kimono for a year if not longer and have never worn it because I was overthinking the outfit to go with it. Thursday I just grabbed it and threw it over this outfit and loved it.



Kimono - Nine Crows
Arctic Monkeys tshirt - Kotik
Culottes - Penneys
Vans - Gifted
Sunglasses - Penneys.

 I'm quite obsessed with coloured lenses these days so I had to grab these pink ones when I seen them I also grabbed them in a blue colour so cute and only €4.
Another thing I'm obsessing over are the sleeves on this Kimono they're just so Extra. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and get to enjoy the sunny weather. Thanks for reading this post, if you have any quesstions at all leave them in the comments or you can get me over on Instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures. 

Check out my latest YouTube video if you haven't already I'll pop it below.


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