Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Watch your step

Hola lovelies hope your all having a good week half way there now. Today I have a n outfit post for you all. Friday I met my friend Jen in town and took some pics. You're all probably wondering why the blog post is called "Watch your step" well after finishing up in town we where walking for the bus and I went over on my ankle and twisted it. It was a rotten feeling and is still healing. I absolutely hate being slowed down by things like this lol. I had my nieces communion the next day and new shoes to wear which was a nightmare but I got there well hobbled there.

Anyways on with the outfit,

The weather has been so nice the past week here in Ireland its great. It makes me so happy when I can get all my vintage swimsuits out and wear them as tops without freezing to death.


 Shirt - Nine Crows
Vintage Swimsuit - Shotsy
Culottes - Penneys (Primark)
Rainbow Bag - Skinnydip London
Pom pom earrings - Made by me available on my depop @sophiac

I am absolutely head over heels for this rainbow bag so excuse me if its every outfit post for the next while but its just perfection dont you think?

As always if you have any questions leave them below or get at me on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures.  Also if you haven't checked out my youtube channel I will pop a link to it below this. Go have a nose and feel free to subscribe its free lol.

I will be back soon with my pics of my outfit from my nieces communion until then have a fab week.


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