Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Monthly Wishlist - March

Hello lovelies hope you're all keeping well. I'm currently spending my day off in bed feeling sick again. The past few weeks I just seem to be catching all the colds and flues thankfully I'm not as bad as I was a few weeks back that was awful.

Anyways on with it! Today I decided I would do my monthly wishlist for you because I have been online looking for a dress to wear to a wedding all week and of course I have found everything other than a dress for the wedding. So typical isn't it. I will post all links to the stuff under each picture.


OK I think its safe to say I want the whole of UNIF website. They just kill me with all the rainbow stuff 'cos we all know I love a bit of colourfulness. The sliders are on sale at the minute so I advice you all to get on it.




I'm in love with all of discount universes stuff and I can just vision these socks paired with the halter and high waist nickers above with a kimono and boots at a festival. Serious festival outfit right here.


I am absolutely obsessed with this girls bikini range. She also does a cow print one that I will not be happy until I own. I really need to book a trip away somewhere so I can buy all these fab bikinis.

I have a serious lusting for all things cow print lately I think I may have mentioned it before lol but I need everything cow print. It seems to be the hardest out of the animal prints to get hold of tho. If you've seen some please comment below or over on my instagram and let me know. @my_wardrobe_adventures

Whats on your whishlist this month then ladies?

I am off work all next week so I will be uploading a few ootd's on here and recording some videos for my youtube. If you have any video suggestions leave them below. I'm going to leave my latest video at the end for you to check out if you haven't already. It's a 20 facts abot me hope you enjoy and feel free to subscribe and like if you do.


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