Monday, 4 May 2015

My niece got skillz -ootd

So today I was planning a cool ootd post but didn't have time when I was in town to find a cool spot as my friend was in a hurry home to pack and catch her flight back to Finland. So I  came to my sister's and ropped my 7 year old niece into taking my pics I'm actually so proud of how she did. Haha she'll be regretting it soon when she has to do it all the time lol.

Seriously how good did she do. Excuse my nephews little curly head popping up in one of those pics there or if I have a weird face on in any it's because I was doing the stare into the distance pose I usually do and Jasmine was telling me I had to say cheese before she took it lol we'll have to work on that.


Leather jacket- Nine Crow's
Swimsuit- Shotsy Vintage
Jeans- River Island
Boots- Asos Marketplace
Earrings- Topshop.

Absolutely in love with my braid buns today my momma also got skillz showed her a picture off @keashbraids on Instagram and she got it first go hands of an angel that one. Where would we be without family eh?

So of course I had to get a picture of the little star photographer.

She's not into posing at all (note sarcasm).
Such a little cutie who knows she'll probably become a photographer like her uncle.

So what do you make of this outfit? It's my way of feeling a bit summery in this horrible weather without looking a twat.

Any suggestions as always are welcome or questions just leave them below lovelies :)


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