Sunday, 22 March 2015

Haul ft Thai haul

So this is my first haul of the year and I've  been thinking how far back I should go with the stuff I've bought. The last one I done was in December bit of a gap but I've decided just to put the most recent stuff I've gathered over the past month or so in and the few bits I got in Thailand in as well.

If you would like me to blog on Thailand and my experiences over there just leave a comment below I'd be more than happy to do it because I had the time if my life and fell in love with Thailand.

Thailand Purchases:

As you can see I don't like elephants at all. Yeah right I love them so much I was so happy to be able to get an elephant on anything I wanted over there and to go on an elephant which was even better.

I apologise in advance for the creases in some of the clothes I've had most of them in a bag to be pictured for the haul and the only picture I have of the culottes suit is on me because it's in the wash.


 £5 bargain.
 £5 mens section
€7 reduced

Shotsy Vintage:

As most of you know shotsy vintage is now closed down I'm so sad it was one of my favourite vintage shops in Dublin they always had the best swimwear among other things. They had a closing down sale with massive reductions so I got all these beauty's for great prices.

Forever 21:


Nine Crows:



Velvet Teddy €19.50.

That's all for now. After doing this blog I realise I need to but some new shoes I haven't bought any in a while. Hmm what to get? 

Leave any ideas for blogs that you would like to see me do or if you want me to blog about Thailand leave that down there to.



  1. You have some lovely items there. Please check out my website

    1. Thank you I will check it out know :)