Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hat city hat hat city bish...

So on Saturday I decided it was time to kick myself up the bum and get back to blogging I've been putting it on the long finger for weeks now bit I'll get back to weekly blogs and hopefully twice a week soon enough.

I met my friend Jen in town and we went on the hunt for some nice backgrounds for some ootd pics didn't think we'd find as many as we did. Her outfit is featured her as well because I love her style and she should really be blogging herself check out her insta to see what I mean. @jendollfeatures

My oufit:
Hat- Primark
Shirt- Vintage Nine Crows
Leather jacket- Vintage Nine Crows
Bag- Penneys / Primark
Boots- Dr martens Agyness Deyn collection

Jens outfit:
Hat- Forever 21
Leather jacket- Forever 21
Fur stole aka Albert- Shotsy Vintage
Tshirt- Vintage Nine Crows
Boots- River Island
Backpack- Forever 21

Had such a fun day taking pictures I'm definitely gonna try do all my ootd posts outside. We went for hot chocolate afterwards and a little shop my next post will be a haul so I'll pop what I got in that one.

Hope you're all having a lovely paddy's day and stay safe whatever you end up doing for it.

Seen these balloons on our travels and of course ran over for a picture like the big kid I am how good would it be to have all of them and feel like you were in Up! 

Ok leave any ideas for blogs you would like to see me do and thanks so much again Jen for taking the pictures and letting me use yours.


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