Friday, 26 September 2014

Mini Haul

So here I am with a haul. I've been trying not to shop and you know failing as usual so instead of stopping altogether I've become a bargain hunter. My best bargains in the past few weeks was a duster coat for €9 and beaut boots for €20.

Boots- No name €20 (same ones in new look €45 though)
Duster Coat- Penneys / Primark €9
Dress- Loving youth concession topshop €27
Earrings and choker- Topshop €7, €3.50, €10.50
Vintage jumper- 9 Crow Street €27
Nude'tude pallette- Gift from my Momma
Backpack- Penneys / Primark €3
Moon choker- 9 Crow Street €5
Dolphin necklace- Gift from ma gurl.

I feel like I have stuff I'm forgetting about but I will add it into my next haul.

Have you gotten any good bargains recently?



  1. Those boots are amazing! Cute choker as well :) I haven't found any bargains myself recently, I've not really been shopping as I no longer work in a town centre (which is a good thing for me as I can't help myself if I go into one haha)

    Louise /

    1. Oh I know what you mean I work in town and it's a nightmare every lunch is spent in topshop, forever 21 and vintage shops haha always broke