Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wishlist - November Edition

Hello lovelies how are you? Hope you're all having a nice week.I'm on my weeks holidays from work and absolutely loving life. I was over in Liverpool for 4 days and got back last night. I'm going to do a Liverpool haul on my YouTube channel tomorrow so be sure to check that out just search Sophia Cahill.

Its that time of month again where I stick up my monthly wishlist and then end up buying half of it in the next two weeks I really should stop that though with Christmas coming up. I was thinking of doing a post on 'gift ideas for her' let me know if its something you would like to see or maybe even a mans one also. Anywho on with the post.



Its so annoying when you have something in your hand and don't buy it isn't it. I had a fab pair of black soft tie trousers with a gold stripe in my hand in Liverpool yesterday and never bought them. To make it even worse I can't find them on the site now either. 


This is one that will definitely be staying on the wishlist at €900.


That's everything for now lovelies thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out my Liverpool haul that will be on YouTube tomorrow evening. Also if you do want me to do the gift ideas post let me no in the comments or contact me over on my instagram @my_wardrobe_adventures.

Enjoy your evening and have a great rest of the week,




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