Monday, 19 October 2015

Haul up, wait a minute stop

Hey all hope your all well and your Monday hasn't been to bad. Mine was one of those days where I just couldn't wake up at all double shot coffees couldn't even save me lol.

So today I decided to do a haul as there is bags taking over my room and I need to pack them away before I trip and die. Imagine that death by the thing I love would be typical really wouldn't it lol. Ok I'll cut to it and stop blabbing.

Nine Crows; 

We all know I enjoy a nine crow deep v blouse and I couldn't leave these beauties they're just perfect. Definitely recommend one for your next night out. For something different and unique as they're all one of a kind.


You guys will have seen my docs in outfit of the day posts. I am so happy that I finally got these and at a bargain price to.

Speaking of bargains these boots are my bargain of the year so far I reckon. I won a bid on these for £1 yes one pound I couldn't believe it. They just remind me so much of the 90s I remember my mam and sister rocking these exact boots in all different colours.

River Island; 

 Got this beaut in the sale for €14 euro I'm absolutely loving snakeskin this season.

Fluffy pom poms from river island 2 euro and the gold ones from topshop for i think €3.50 it was or €5.50.

 Also got these grey trousers I love them so comfy and only €18 in the sale. Couldn't take a picture of them off as they're in the wash sorry.


If you seen my latest Wishlist post you will have seen these. Shortly after I posted it well the next day lol I had to make them mine. They are just so perfect not very comfortable but at the same time perfect boot for autumn winter. They can literally dress up any outfit.


Lipstick is creme sheen in colour hang up. I absolutely love this colour it's definitely the perfect autumnal colour for your lips. I also picked up whirl lip liner because I am a big fan of velvet teddy and this just goes so well as we all know from Kylie Jenner the past couple of years.


 Absolutely love Skinnydip London so when I seen this purse reduced to €12.50 I had to have it. Look at the cute stickers you get with it they're so adorable.

Bargain €1 socks could you go wrong? I think not.

 This would be a top on a tall person but for me it's a dress lol. I got it from the tall section was reduced to €25 and I taught it would be cute as a dress.

This top is actually a green colour another bargain for only €7.

Penneys ;

 As you all know from my instagram I am a tad bit obsessed with polo necks lately. Love the colour and rib nit on this jumper.

This over sized jumper dress is actually pink again the camera wouldn't really pick up the colour. But this is the most cosy jumper ever perfect for hangover days that you have to look decent on lol.

So that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed sorry if I waffled on a bit really feel like I did in this one.

As always any questions or suggestions pop them down below and be sure to check out my instagram 1K giveaway @my_wardrobe_adventures or click the button on the right.

Have a great week ya'll,


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