Sunday, 15 June 2014


So lately I've just been pickin up random bits here and there. Really didn't feel like I'd had a good shop in ages but these pics will prove me wrong I feel haha! Most of it is holiday wear for Thailand. I'm heading there the end of the year and can't wait for it but if I keep pickin up bits like I am now I think packing is gonna be a nightmare.

                      Topshop loving youth

Motel Rocks

And my favourite buy of late is these high waisted molly jeggings from River Island. Honestly they are the best jeans ever I'd wear them every day if I could. They're so comfy and slimming and can be worn with anything day or night. What I'm saying is your wardrobe needs these jeans.
The picture does them no justice I'll do a seperate post of just these jeans to show how they look on.

So apparently I have shopped quite a bit haha it never feels it when I buy bits here and there. 
Is it the same for you?

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